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/ / White Cliffs Of Dover & A Quaint English Village – Euro-Trip Days 6 & 7

White Cliffs Of Dover & A Quaint English Village – Euro-Trip Days 6 & 7

The White Cliffs of Dover has always been a bucket-list item for Sunny, and today he finally got to take in this beautiful site and explore the rugged coastline of Dover.

Day 6 of our trip was a travel day from Scotland to England. We booked our flights with EasyJet, and would highly recommend anyone looking for European air travel to check them out. They have ridiculously cheap flights all over Europe. If you book early enough you can fly almost anywhere from London for around $50CDN per person round trip.

We stayed with Sunny’s cousin and her husband in the cute English village of Wingham, which is in between Sandwich (yes, THE Sandwich from where sandwiches come from) and Canterbury.

english countryside

wigham england

Wigham village england

wigham cemetary wigham church

The village houses less than 2000 residents, but has been around since the Stone Age and has some very interesting historical footnotes. Sunny’s cousin and her husband took us to one of the two local pubs The Dog (where they are known by name and can order “the usual”).


The Dog pub Wingham


Day 7 was Sunny’s chance to cross one more item off the bucket list. The White Cliffs Of Dover. They did not disappoint. Incredible hiking trails around the cliffs, stunning views – including tiny France off in the distance. We managed to catch views of the Dover Castle, but as we pulled up to the gates they were just shutting it down, so we never got to explore inside. Oh well, we’ll catch it next time!


white cliffs of dover view from white cliffs of dover dover white cliffs oilers white cliffs of dover dover cliffs white view of white cliffs of dover and ocean Dover Castle



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