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Southern Iceland Waterfalls – Euro-Trip Day 13

The southern Iceland waterfalls are probably the most well know and most iconic waterfalls in Iceland. These sites were very busy with lots of people wanting to take in their beauty, but we can totally see why. These southern Iceland waterfalls are breathtaking!

We started the day early from Hotel Selid in an attempt to capture some of the sunrise. Although it started out super cloudy, we did eventually get some color to the sky and some nice morning light.

southern iceland hotel selidWe drove a few hundred meters from the hotel and walked up to the top of a rise overlooking the property and this was our view. It is a pretty spectacular setting – one that we didn’t get to enjoy the night before because we pulled in when it was super dark and cloudy.

Hotel SelidTravel Bella accompanied us in our Sad Car Rav 4 rental.

waterfalls in southern icelanddriving F roads in south icelandWe drove down some back roads away from the highway and the hotel and stumbled across some fantastic views. We did rent an F-Road capable vehicle, so we were able to explore a little off the beaten path.

winter f road icelandf road iceland wintericeland winter f roadiceland in winter f roadswinter in iceland f roads

We continued driving down the F-road as far as we could. There were signs saying you needed to do a water crossing at some point, but we didn’t know if that meant a river or a stream or a creek.  We ended up getting to the spot and though it would be best to turn around.

f-roads in iceland winter timef-road river crossing in iceland winter time

After we explored the F-Road, we headed back to the main highway and did the southern Iceland waterfalls route. The first one up was Seljalandsfoss. It was packed with tourists, but we managed to get a couple of pictures with little to no tourists in them.

A picture of seljalandsfoss while exploring the Southern Iceland WaterfallsA picture from the seljalandsfoss waterfall while checking out the Southern Iceland Waterfallspictures of the seljalandsfoss waterfall iceland while we were visiting the Southern Iceland Waterfalls We even managed to get behind the waterfall for this shots

behind seljalandsfoss waterfall iceland while viewing the Southern Iceland Waterfalls

After visiting the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, we took a lunch break in the parking lot. We brought our mini camp stove and supplies on the trip, so we boiled some water, made some lunch and coffee and hot chocolate. It started to rain (no surprise) midway through our lunch, so we ended up huddled under shelter waiting it out.

After lunch we made our way to Skogafoss waterfall. It was a much more impressive waterfall. We hung out in that area for a little while, until we were wet enough from the mist and the rain.

a picture of skogafoss waterfall while we were visiting Southern Iceland Waterfallsa cool picture of skogafoss waterfall iceland while we were exploring the Southern Iceland WaterfallsA picture of the waterfall in iceland skogafoss while we were checking out the Southern Iceland Waterfallspicture of the skogafoss waterfall while we were viewing the Southern Iceland Waterfalls

The rest of the day we spent driving around, exploring some of the back roads and just enjoying the trip. In the evening we made our way back to the Hotel Selid for dinner and to lounge in their hot tub. It was a very pleasant day exploring the southern Iceland waterfalls Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss.

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