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Exploring Eastern Iceland – Euro-Trip Day 15

Day 15 provided us with probably the best colours in the morning. Exploring Eastern Iceland was one of our favourite parts of the trip. It provided a serene landscape far away from tour buses and crowded rest stops. Plus, the sunrise was absolutely spectacular!

exploring eastern icelandeastern iceland hofnhofn eastern icelandhofnhofn iceland

We made a quick stop in Hofn to pick up some fuel before heading further East and North towards Breiðdalsvík. It was the furthest North and East that we made it in Iceland – we’re saving the rest for our 2nd trip. Along the way we saw some lovely roadside wildlife

iceland horses

We came across a herd of about 20 reindeer snacking in the morning sun.

iceland reindeerReindeer in Iceland

There is very little settlement in the East and North, but there are amazing vistas and landscapes.

Icelandic Mountains

Exploring Eastern Iceland Pano exploring eastern iceland panoramic

Driving eastern Iceland

Driving eastern Iceland Driving eastern Iceland Hofnexploring eastern iceland by driving

The day was another full of gale force winds, rain, hail and sporadic sunshine. In the evening we noticed it was starting to clear off a little bit, so we stayed up later than normal in an effort to see more Northern Lights. We managed to get a few minutes with only a little cloud cover and a few dancing lights. Nothing like what we saw on the first night of our trip, but still pretty cool.

Iceland at night

northern lights iceland hofn stafafell cottage northern lights iceland hofn


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For more information on Eastern Iceland, check out this Iceland tourism website.

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