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Exploring Edinburgh – Euro-Trip Day #2

Day 1 of our trip finished with a pint, some Indian food and a super amazing sleep. After staying up for over 30 straight hours we finally crashed and got an amazing sleep.  Day 2 was going to be all about exploring Edinburgh. We woke up around 8:00am and hit the cobblestones around 9. It was a beautiful, crisp, sunny morning. It reminded us of those early fall days where there’s a slight chill in the air, but everything seems fresh. For winter in Edinburgh, it seemed very mild – it was just above freezing, but the sun felt warm.  There was barely any wind and we were in our light fall clothes, which made for the perfect walking-around temperature/comfort level.

Exploring Edinburgh On A Bright Monday Morning


It was a lovely Monday morning as people went about their daily routines – students going off to school, people getting their morning coffees before heading to work, playful dogs being walked by their owners.


Picture Taken While Exploring Edinburgh - Man Walking His Dog



Coming from Canada – and Alberta specifically – Europe never ceases to amaze with its aged beauty.  Hardly anything in Alberta is more than 110 years old, whereas in Scotland it seems like there is almost nothing new than that. At the end of almost every major street is a statue or cathedral or manor house with some tie to hundreds of year old Scottish history.


Picture Taken While Exploring Edinburgh - Cathedral in Edinburgh


The most imposing of these history rich buildings is Edinburgh Castle – set up on cliffs overlooking the heart of the city and one of the first stops (after some coffee snacks for Jess) of our walk.


Picture Taken While Exploring Edinburgh - cemetery in Edinburgh Picture Taken While Exploring Edinburgh - headstone in edinburgh Picture Taken While Exploring Edinburgh - statue of dog in edinburgh Picture Taken While Exploring Edinburgh - dog sign in edinburgh Picture Taken While Exploring Edinburgh - edinburgh castle at sunrise Picture Taken While Exploring Edinburgh - edinburgh castle Picture Taken While Exploring Edinburgh - castle in edinburgh Picture Taken While Exploring Edinburgh - dog cemetery edinburgh castle Picture Taken While Exploring Edinburgh - the view from edinburgh castle canon in edinburgh castle edmonton oilers jerseys edinburgh castle


Yes, we took our Edmonton Oilers jersey’s with us and plan on taking at least 1 picture per day wearing them.

Following our exploration of the Edinburgh Castle we walked along the Royal Mile until we found a good looking pub called Villager for some lunch and a pint. The tomato soup was delicious, as was the beer battered haddock.

villager pub edinburgh royal mile villager pub lunch royal mile edinburgh


Following lunch we continued to walk around Edinburgh, making our way towards Calton Hill

exploring in Edinburgh calton hill edinburgh edinburgh exploring calton hill edinburgh exploring view from Calton Hill edinburgh


After a quick coffee shop stop to warm up and rest our wearing feet, we walked along Princess Street and the Princess Street gardens.  The sun was beginning to set and lit up the Castle on the hill

edinburgh castle at sunset sunset in edinburgh


Thanks to a recommendation from our server at lunch, we made our way to the Guildford Arms pub just off Princess Street for a few pints and some snacks. It was a great way to finish off a long day of walking and exploring Edinburgh

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