6 Nights, 7 Days Of The West Coast Trail

6 Nights, 7 Days Of The West Coast Trail

As many of you may know, we recently took some time off and headed to Vancouver Island to hike the world famous West Coast Trail. We hiked the trail with close friends of ours, and had an absolute blast. This was our first ever backpacking trip – we have hiked tonnes, and camped tonnes, but never backpacked. With the West Coast Trail, you MUST pack out everything that you pack in.

We were not sure how much gear we would need, and as we started packing, the weight of our packs kept climbing. Sunny ended up carrying around 50lbs, Jess was around 40, but then dropped down to 35 after the first two days. Because of this, we decided not take any of our professional photo gear – just a small point and shoot. When we do the trail again, I think we would forgo some items and take our pro gear, because it is so worth it!

The West Coast Trail is not for the faint of heart, and we understand why people advise inexperienced hikers not to do the trail. Even though this was our first backpacking trip, we have day hiked up to 22kms in a day, so we felt prepared for the trail. We planned shorter days with lots of rest, and did not push ourselves more than we needed to. We also spent months reading, planning, training and prepping for the trail.

We would highly recommend it anyone with a sense of adventure – but do not become a statistic on the trail. Do your research. Train. Plan. Talk to others who have done it. If you do it properly it can be an amazing life experience. If you do it improperly it could be miserable, or you could be seriously injured or even die.

If you want any advice on the West Coast Trail, send us a message!  We’d love to chat.  Here are some of the highlights from our trip.




  • Nicole says:

    Hi there, a friend and I are planning the hike next year I was wondering if you can give us some advice?
    -Hiking poles yes or no??
    and which end would you recommend we start at?
    Thank you!!

    • Deepblue Photography says:

      Hello Nicole! Sorry for the delay in our response, we’ve been camping this weekend.

      We would both say a definitive “yes” to hiking poles! We purchased these ones:


      They saved us a few times from some near spills. They also help take the pressure of your legs and hips as you’re walking. They can be a bit cumbersome when doing the ladders, so thats why we liked these with the quick releases. It made it easy to shorten them so our hands were free for the ladders.

      We started at the south end and walked north and loved it. It does leave the harder parts to the end, but by then our packs were lighter. This was also our first backpacking trip so starting at the south end helped ease us into the hike. I think starting at the North end would have made for a bit of a tougher start.

      One other piece of advice we’d give is to plan your food very carefully. We overpacked about 5-7lbs worth of food. We didn’t snack nearly as much as we thought we would. Also there are two “restaurants” along the trail and we ended up devouring those meals and didn’t snacks on either of those days. We ended up giving away a bunch of cliff bars, trail mix and oatmeal to people along the way. We also dropped off some food in the “leave one, take one” bin at the hamburger hut.

      Any other questions, feel free to ask!

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