new zealand alpacas at sunrise Silhouette
/ / Sunrise Alpacas & Yealands Winery – Becoming Kiwi Day 7

Sunrise Alpacas & Yealands Winery

The goal of day 7 of our trip was to make our way down to Christchurch. In 2016 we photographed Wendy & Rob’s wedding here in Edmonton. They were such lovely people (and have an awesomely hilarious dog Max) that we became friends with them. However, early in 2017 they moved away from Edmonton to New Zealand. They invited us to stay with them anytime we found ourselves in Christchurch, so we took them up on that offer and spent 3 days with them.

On our way down to Christchurch we got some sunrise pictures with the alpacas, drove the coastal highway past Kaikoura, stopped at a massive winery, and hung out on a black sand beach eating meat pies. It was a great day.

picture of alpacas at sunrise - Sunrise Alpacas & Yealands Winery
Alpaca silhouette at sunrise
renwick new zealand sunrise
The view towards the mountains after sunrise
alpaca sunrise portrait
Such majestic beasts

sunrise from renwick new zealand towards cook strait

alpaca picture sunrise new zealand
Alpaca portrait
picture of alpacas at sunrise new zealand
Sunrise Alpacas & Yealands Winery
new zealand alpacas at sunrise Silhouette
Sunrise Alpacas Silhouette
picture of new zealand alpacas at sunrise
Alpaca at sunrise
a picture of the burleigh renwick best meat pies
The Burleigh in Renwick. Best meat pies we had all trip! The beef and blue cheese was amazing!
New zealand black sand beach picture
We stopped at this lovely beach for a meat pie snack


Upon the suggestion of our Alpaca B&B host, we stopped at Yealands Winery. It is a massive vineyard right on the coast on the way to Christchurch. Not only do they produce some good quality wine, but they do so in a sustainable manner. They have a massive solar array on their main building, they produce their own organic fertilizer, and they use sheep instead of lawn mowers. You can read more about it here:

It is companies like this that we love to support. They produce a high quality product, treat their employees right, and they respect the environment. I wish we had more companies and attitudes like this in Canada.


Yealands winery self guided driving tour
Yealands winery self guided driving tour
yealands winery vineyard tour sign
Yealands Winery tour. They have a 7km road winding through their 1200 acre vineyard. Its paved with white limestone and takes you to a beautiful lookout
overly friendly chicken at yealands winery
One of the many ‘overly friendly’ chickens
babydoll sheep yealands winery
They’ve bred especially short sheep to help mow the grass!
vineyard grape rows picture
Rows upon rows of grapes


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