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Tahiti Destination Wedding

Part two of our adventures in Tahiti! You can view the first part of our Tahiti Destination Wedding at this other post.

This post includes the time after the ceremony where we had even more fun with our wedding portraits, tried a few fun and crazy ideas and rocked the dress (and suit) in the lagoon Tahitian-style.

The island of Moorea is very small, there is one main road which winds its way around the shoreline of the island for 67km. During our adventurous weeks we drove around the island several times, did a lot of swimming in the lagoon (which surrounds the entire island!) and we even spent an entire afternoon at the top of the Belvedere Lookout taking photos and enjoying the breathtaking view of Opunuho and Cooks Bay.

Thank you to Gilles, Tuona and Toscan (the loveable hound) at the Atuana Lodge for the beautiful location for photographs and for making our last few days in Moorea so relaxing!


Rocking the dress & suit – It means having a fun and creative photo shoot, and taking a lot of photos with you all decked-out in your fancy wedding clothes!


Tahiti Destination Wedding Pictures
Ready, set, go! It is time to rock that dress and suit Tahiti-style!
Tahiti Destination Wedding On Island Of Moorea
White sand beaches and turquoise water – what a destination wedding rock the dress!
Atuna Lodge Tahiti Destination Wedding Pictures
Every time we stepped out to take photographs, it started to rain!
It just meant more good luck, right?
Photo of Bride and Groom Jumping into Ocean Tahiti Destination Wedding
We have got just one shot at this…
Tahiti Destination Wedding Pictures Driving Around Moorea
On route to the Belvedere Lookout, we loved this landscape!
Belvedere Lookout Picture From Sunny And Jess' Tahiti Destination Wedding
There was so much to discover on this island – look at that view!
Hilton Moorea Tahiti Destination Wedding Picture
Under the stars, hand in hand, in paradise…
Night Kiss Photo While Standing in the Ocean
…and he swept her off her feet!
Tahiti Destination Wedding Pictures From Moorea
Last shot of the night.

For advice on how to plan your destination wedding check out our resources page!

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