Country Wedding – Stephanie & Keith

Country Wedding – Stephanie & Keith

Country Wedding

It isn’t every day that your little sister gets married, and it isn’t every bride who gets to have her sister as her photographer and maid-of-honour. Today we are honoured to share with you Stephanie and Keith’s country wedding.

It seems like it was only yesterday that we got the excited phone call from Stephanie and Keith, announcing their engagement and asking immediately if we would be there for them on their wedding day as their photographers. Their vision was for an intimate family wedding to take place on the Thiessen family acreage, located in Brant, a small hamlet in southern Alberta.

Stephanie and Keith wanted their day to be as unique as they are, and to be a product of their own hard work and dedication to each other. All of the decorations, bouquets and even the archway that they were married under were all handmade by family members. Even their dog Koda was involved in the day, acting as the worlds cutest little ring bearer!

It was an authentic Alberta day which meant that the weather changed about ten times. The results were a beautiful mix of the most dramatic skies you have ever seen.

During the reception we were able to steal the happy couple away from the party long enough to capture some breathtaking sunset portraits at Brant’s last remaining grain elevator.

It was a beautiful and emotional day for everyone and it was an absolute honour to be there for my little sister as she married the man of her dreams!

Thank you for inviting Deep Blue Photography to your gorgeous country wedding.

Wedding Dress Photo

Stephanie’s childhood home, look closely at the upstairs window

Groom, Keith shaving

Keith getting ready for the wedding

Photo of bride getting her makeup done

Getting ready at the house before the wedding

Photo of the bride before the wedding

Stephanie getting ready for the wedding

Photo of the bride getting her dress on

Mother of the bride helping to do up the dress

Photo of country wedding ceremony

Bride and her father walking down the aisle

Groom During Wedding Ceremony

Keith’s first look at Stephanie

Bride hugging her father

One last hug from the father of the bride

Ring bearer dog

Koda, the doggy ring bearer

Country Wedding Photography

A beautiful afternoon for an outdoor wedding ceremony

Bride and Groom country wedding portrait with Camaro

Country wedding portrait with Camaro

Bride and Groom with Camaro car

Country road wedding portraits – with a Camaro!

Bride and Groom share first dance under the summer sky

Outdoor first dance as husband and wife

Bride and Groom at Sunset

Sunset Wedding Photo on Train Tracks

Wedding Portraits with Grain Elevator

Sunset at the Brant elevator



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