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6 Reasons To Hire A Professional Wedding Planner

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Congratulations, you’re engaged! You’ve celebrated with your family and friends and you’re ready to start the wedding planning process. You will set your date, book your venue and hire your wedding photographer, but one more thing you should consider is hiring a professional wedding planner. There are many reasons to hire a professional wedding planner.

When you look back on your big day and everything you paid for, it’s likely that you’ll consider the cost of your wedding planner some of the best money you spent. Couples have many reasons to hire a professional wedding planner, but here will focus on the ones that seem to repeat across all couples.

*One caveat we want to express is to make sure you hire a PROFESSIONAL wedding planner. Hiring a random person from Kijiji or Facebook who can help you “plan” your wedding for $200 is not the same as hiring a professional planner.  The cost of hiring a professional is always more than hiring an amateur, but you do get what you pay for. A professional wedding planner can make your wedding planning a smooth process and you can rest assured that on your wedding day everything will be taken care of.


They Save You Time

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If you and your partner are both working full time, planning a wedding is about to put a massive strain on your time resources. Hiring a wedding planner can free up a lot of time in your calendar – and it doesn’t have to be the “fun” time you spend, say, choosing flower arrangements or designing a Pinterest board for your dream ceremony. It can free up the time you would normally have to spend on boring or stressful tasks like researching the policies of different venues to learn which ones can accommodate your parents’ specific wishes and coordinating contracts and payment arrangements with your vendors. Your wedding planner can help you choose some vendors who meet your needs and budget without you spending hours researching and hoping that you choose the right cake, caterer, limousine or decorator. We are sure you can think of many time saving reasons to hire a professional wedding planner.


They Eliminate Stress

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This is really the biggest benefit to hiring a good wedding planner.

Odds are high that you have never planned a wedding before, and since this is the first time you’re doing this you may end up overlooking important details. Even if you find a fantastic checklist on Pinterest of everything you need to do, you will still have the stress of worrying about what you may have forgotten. With a wedding planner, that stress is minimized. It probably won’t disappear fully, but you’ll be able to reassure yourself that you hired a professional and they have got this covered.

Most wedding planners offer multiple tiers of planning and support – from full start-to-finish wedding planning to décor consultations and single day wedding planning. It is their job to make sure that you enjoy a stress free wedding day.


They Might Help You Save Money

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You should not hire a wedding planner thinking they will save you money. You hire one to alleviate stress and make sure you have the wedding of your dreams. But as an added bonus, you may also end up saving a bit on your other expenses. Wedding planners may be able to obtain industry discounts on things like DJs, flowers, and decorations. Since they are in the industry, they also know a lot of money saving tricks that you may not have thought of.


They Can Keep You On Budget

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Perhaps the biggest way a wedding planner can save you money is that they can help keep you on budget. When you’re planning your budget you’ll likely factor in all the big, obvious expenses like the venue, wedding photographer, food, vendors, cake, attire, and officiant. But there are so many smaller expenses that are easy to forget and that add up quickly. For instance, are you planning on having your guests throw confetti or blow bubbles after you say, “I do?” Do you need name cards for the table settings? And don’t forget the cost of a marriage license and all the stamps for the wedding invitations. A wedding planner can look at your budget and find out what you can actually afford to spend on all of your large expenses, so you’ll still have money leftover for all those little things you forgot about (and maybe even some cash for your honeymoon).


They Can Make Your Vision A Reality

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 You know what you want for your big day, but you’re not really sure how to bring it to life. Which flowers say: “Whimsical Celtic Forest”, and which ones say: “Vegas in winter”? How can you incorporate something quirky that you and your fiancé love into the ceremony without going over the top? How can you keep your Aunt Julie away from your cousin Katie all night? Your wedding planner knows the answers.

They Are Indispensable for Destination Weddings

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Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer for Your Destination Wedding

If you’re having a destination wedding, it is HIGHLY advisable that you hire a professional to help plan it. Organizing every piece of a wedding is sort of like putting together a massive jigsaw puzzle. It’s a lot harder when half the pieces are in a different state or country and when contracts may be in a different language. A professional wedding planner can help call vendors, compare locations, price check, and keep all the moving parts in order so you don’t panic and elope instead. If you are planning a destination wedding at a resort, they will often have a wedding team available for you to use. If you are getting married off a resort, definitely look into hiring a planner to help with all of the logistics, so you do not have to be running around organizing everything when you arrive.


reasons to hire a professional wedding planner
Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Planner


We hope these reasons to hire a professional wedding planner have helped you understand why a planner may be beneficial for your wedding.  They certainly aren’t needed for every wedding, and the good ones certainly are not cheap, but for many couples a planner is definitely worth it.

If you are not fantastic with budgeting, if you are extremely busy, or if you are planning a destination wedding, then the decision to hire a wedding planner should be at the top of your list. But even if you don’t fit into one of those categories, it is still worth it to consider hiring a professional to manage all the little pieces of your wedding. This is the most romantic day of your life. A wedding planner can help you stay stress-free so you can focus on your day – saying “I do”, dancing and spending time with your new spouse, your family and friends.

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