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8 Wedding Day Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Day

wedding day tips

With over 130 weddings photographed in the last 5 years, we have seen and heard almost everything at weddings. We often get asked by our couples for wedding day tips. This usually results in a 30-60 minute conversation of us telling stories, but we thought we would summarize some of them and share them here.  Hopefully these tips to help you enjoy your wedding day will benefit even more couples who are planning their weddings!  If you have any feedback, please contact us!


Be sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before.

wedding day tips


Being well-rested on the day of your wedding is extremely important. Although you will be nervous and excited, try your best to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. The day itself will be busy and long, so you want to make sure that you have gotten plenty of sleep and are ready for your special day! This will also help everyone avoid any unsightly bags underneath the eyes, or crashing too early into the party!

Set aside enough time for you to get ready without rushing

Wedding day tips

When we book wedding clients we usually meet with them 3 or 4 times prior to the wedding and one of the biggest things we talk about is a realistic schedule of the day. Nothing is worse than worrying about if you will be ready in time for your wedding. This is an important day and you of course will want to look your best. Giving yourself more than enough time to get ready will also allow you to enjoy the experience itself. Getting ready is part of the fun, and you will want to spend time with your bridesmaids & groomsmen.


Eat a hearty and balanced breakfast

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Wedding Day Tips – Cake For Breakfast?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not eating enough on your wedding day. Sure, you want to fit into your dress, but not eating enough could cause your blood sugar to drop and make you lightheaded. Considering that you will likely already be nervous (and possibly enjoying a few wobbly pops)  you want to avoid the risk of passing out during your ceremony, or getting sick later in the day! Eating a good breakfast is also important because it might be hours until you are able to eat again, as few couples plan lunch stops after the ceremony.


Don’t be afraid to delegate

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Wedding Day Tips – Your Wedding Party Wants to Help!

The purpose of having bridesmaids and groomsmen is so you have someone to be there with your throughout your entire wedding planning and wedding day. Assigning certain tasks to your wedding party for the day of the wedding will make your day significantly less stressful. Whether it’s picking up the bouquets and boutonnieres, or simply seating special guests at your ceremony, you will feel at ease to know these things are taken care of. We also think it goes without saying, but you should probably only include people in your wedding party who are going to help you enjoy your day.  No Negative Normans or Debbie Downers.


Pack a comfy pair of shoes

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Wedding Day Tips – Comfort vs Style


We remind our couples about this at our final pre-wedding wedding meeting, because those 5-inch heels might look amazing, but you want to make sure you are comfortable at your reception; especially if you plan on dancing! Another tip is to make sure you break in your new shoes at least a week before the wedding, so that you can comfortably walk in them. Packing a pair of flats for general walking around and moving between locations is great – you can always change back into your heels for pictures!


Be wary of having too much alcohol

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Wedding Day Tips – Party Like You Mean It

This one seems like a common sense tip, but you would be surprised how different your body will be operating on your wedding day. If you didn’t get a good sleep, didn’t eat in the morning, have been stressed for weeks, and skip lunch, you can probably bet that after 2 drinks you’ll be sloshed.  Although you want to have a fun time on your wedding day, be mindful of how much alcohol you are consuming – and when you are drinking it. Drink a lot of water in between your drinks, and make sure you eat or snack throughout the day! You’ll want to remember this day for the rest of your life, and that’s hard to do if you’re drinking too much. You don’t want to spend $50,000 for a really bad headache!


Thank your guests

Wedding Day Tips
Wedding Day Tips – Thank Your Guests and Vendors

Your wedding guests are an important part of your wedding day. Some may have traveled far, or spent a lot of money to be there, so it’s important that you acknowledge and thank them for sharing your special day with you. Don’t forget to thank your bridal party and families too! Without them you may not have survived the day at all.


Remember to stop and “take it all in.”

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Wedding Day Tips – Take a Moment to Take it All In

After months or even years of planning to make sure that your wedding is the most perfect day you’ll ever experience, don’t forget to actually experience it. You’ve likely spent a substantial amount of time and money on this special day so it is important that you remember it, because it will go fast! Most importantly, don’t forget the reason you are celebrating. Talk to your photographer and ask for a 15 minute break between portraits and the reception. Spend that time with just your spouse and just sit and breath.  Enjoy each other’s presence. Talk about the day so far.  Have some private time.  Your photographer *should* be more than happy to do this, as we usually need 10-15 minutes to move all our equipment and get our reception lighting set up before the bridal party makes their entrance.



Hire a wedding planner

Okay, so we said we’d give you 8 tips, but here’s another small tip we think may help. We talked about hiring a wedding planner here: 6 Reasons To Hire A Professional Wedding Planner.  We encourage all our couples to look into wedding planners as they can be a huge asset on the day of the wedding to help things run smoothly and efficiently!



What do you think of our list of wedding day tips?  Do you have any other suggestions?  Contact us here or send us an e-mail – info@deepbluephotography.ca


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