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29 Wedding Game Ideas

Are you looking for ways to make your wedding more fun? Want your guests to get involved and rave about your big day for years to come? Check out our list of awesome wedding game ideas you can incorporate into your wedding day, including a list of Kiss-Makers – alternatives to clinking the glass to make the newlyweds kiss.


Group Games

Wedding Game Ideas
Wedding Game Ideas

1.  The Shoe Game: In this game, the couple sit back to back and exchange one shoe each so they are each holding one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s shoes.  The game host will read out a series of questions such as, “Who is the better cook?” and the couple will have to decide (by raising the shoe of the person they pick) without seeing who the other person has chosen.  This game often gets lots of laughs and is enjoyed by both the guests and the couple.

2.  Outdoor games:  If you’re having a wedding outdoors with lots of space, consider setting up some classic lawn games for guests to take part in.  Games could include ring toss, horseshoes, giant Jenga, sack races/3-legged races, or even a pickup football game!

Wedding game ideas football
Wedding Game Ideas

3.  Board games:  If you and your spouse would rather host a games night instead of a dance party, don’t be afraid to put out a few of your favourite board games and decks of cards for your guests to enjoy.

4.  Scavenger Hunt: This is perfect for a big venue with lots of places to explore.  It’s also something guests can do in between the ceremony and reception if you have a break planned. You can also have a prize of free drinks or first table to eat for the winner!

5. Find Your Pair: This is a great and easy game to encourage guest bonding.  On the back of each seating card, write one half of a famous couple.  The idea is that guests must find their other half – for example, Sonny must find Cher, Peanut Butter has to find Jelly, etc. Make sure you don’t place the pairs at the same table or else nobody will get up and look! You can make it even more fun by asking your guests to take a selfie with their pair and use your wedding hashtag when the post it on social media!

6. Having a tough time how to decide which tables get to eat first?  How about a game of who can do the most pogo jumps?!

wedding table games
Wedding Game Ideas

Table Games

7.  Wedding Guest Bingo: This game is the perfect ice breaker.  Make up bingo cards that have fun facts about some of your guests instead of the usual letters and numbers.  Guests must collect the signature of each of the people with the fun facts in order to score Bingo!

8.  Couples Trivia: On each table, leave a trivia sheet with increasingly hard questions about the bride and groom.  Guests can work together and the table with the most right answers, wins.

9.  I Spy:  Create an I Spy list of moments for guests to take photos of such as someone crying, an elderly couple dancing, the bride laughing, etc.   Guests will have fun catching the precious moments and you’ll receive photos of moments you might otherwise have missed – win win!

10.  Mad Libs:  This party classic is an easy item to leave on the tables.  You can make a custom Mad Libs about the bride and groom that will be fun for the guests to fill out and even more fun for the couple to read later.

11.  Suggestions:  Give your guests a chance to impart their wisdom by inviting them to leave you date ideas, marriage advice or letters to open on your future anniversaries.

wedding game ideas
Wedding Game Ideas

12. He Said, She Said:  For this game, create a sheet of quotes said by either the bride or the groom and have guests guess who said what.

13. Custom Crossword/Word Search: These classic games are easy to make online and all of the clues or hidden words can be about the happy couple.

14.  Games for little ones: If you’re having children at your wedding, try to provide some games that they might enjoy.  Plan a treasure or scavenger hunt, make up an activity book, leave them a pack of stickers, etc.


Fun wedding kissing games

To get the couple to kiss….

15. … a guest must perform a song or poem with the word “love” in it.

16. … couples must kiss and the newlyweds will have to copy the kiss.  This often brings out some more elaborate kisses that guests really enjoy.

17.  … a guest must spin the wheel.  A pre-made wheel will have options of types of kisses or other activities the couple or guest must perform.  Ideas for the wheel include making a different couple kiss, a hug, a serenade, etc.

ideas for making bride and groom kiss

18. … create something that caters to your interests.  For example, if you’re avid golfers, have a mini green set up and tell guests they need to get a hole in one before you’ll kiss.

kissing game ideas
Wedding Game Ideas

19.  … guests must pay up!  Set up a donation jar (for your favourite charity or just for your honeymoon fund).  The bigger the donation, the more theatrical the kiss!

20. … leave it to chance!  Have dice and create a rule about what number(s) means you have to kiss.  You could even use your wedding date (for example, if you were getting married on May 6th, you would kiss if a 5 or 6 were rolled).  If the roller doesn’t land on the designated number(s), he/she would have to kiss someone.

wedding kissing games
Wedding Game Ideas

21. … guests have to drink.  This is definitely only appropriate for certain crowds.  To get a smooch out of the couple, guests would have to come up and take a shot or other type of drink.

22. … guest have to ring bells.  This is similar to clinking glasses but usually sounds a lot nicer and is an old Irish tradition.  If you’re worried about the bells ringing too often, you can hide them around your venue or only have one per table as opposed to one per person.

Kissing bell alternative to clicking glasses
Wedding Game Ideas

23. … divide up the kissing responsibility.  For the first few glass clinks, the bride and groom will kiss.  After that, it’s someone else’s turn.  You can have a jar with names of all the couples in the room and draw a name or rely on your bridal party to start doling out the smooches.

24. … guests will have to play Name That Tune.  The DJ can play a snippet of a love song and if the guest correctly guesses the title, the bride and groom will kiss.  Alternatively, the guest can show off their best dance moves to elicit a newlywed kiss.


Not technically games, but still a lot of fun

25. This activity is a great way to honour marriages.  Ask your DJ or MC to invite all the married couples to the dance floor.  After a minute, ask couples who have been married less than a year to sit down.  Then, less than five years, less than ten years, and so on until there is only one couple left dancing.  The couple with the longest marriage could then take their bows and offer up some advice to the newlyweds.

26.  You could bring in some entertainment to your wedding.  Examples include fortune tellers, dancers, or even dance teachers so people will get up and show off their new skills on the dance floor.

27.  Consider having a few interactive stations for your guests.  Great ideas include photo booths, DIY cupcake decorating or a confetti bar.

28.  For a more quiet activity that guests of all ages can enjoy, put out colouring books or placemats you can decorate with lots of fun markers and crayons.

29.  Instead of table numbers, give each table a song title.  Let your guests know that when their song is played, it’s their job to get their whole table onto the dance floor.


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