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Lions Garden Wedding

Lindsay and Mitch chose a beautiful day in July for their Lions Garden Wedding. Surrounded by family and friends this happy couple made their wedding vows and a promise to always wear their wedding rings as a sign of their love… and to keep the home-wreckers away.

It was an early morning¬†for Lindsay and her ladies, bustling to get ready to meet Mitch for the happy couple’s first look at Edmonton’s beautiful WP Wagner Park. After their first look, Lindsay and Mitch joined up with their wedding party in the limousine and headed to Lions Garden for their outdoor wedding ceremony.

Lindsay and Mitch had chosen their venue because of its rustic charm and the way that it reminded Lindsay of her grandfather. Their wedding ceremony was full of sweet memories and hilarious anecdotes for the future. Reciting their own vows, Lindsay brought sweet tears of joy, while Mitch brought tears of laughter to the family and friends who gathered for the celebration.

This wedding couple wanted their wedding photos to represent who they are and where they came from – a journey of their relationship. So we went back to where it all started, the Starbucks where Lindsay and Mitch met for the very first time. Funny thing, neither of them remembered what they had ordered to drink that day – guess that is what happens when it is love at first sight.

After a trip down memory lane it was time for some ice cream. Lindsay showed us her true elementary-teacher style by bringing along smocks for the ladies to wear as not to drip ice cream on their dresses. So smart. The night was full of touching speeches, outrageous dancing, a delicious taco bar for dinner and about a hundred tiny cupcakes.

Thank you to Lindsay and Mitch for inviting Deep Blue Photography to be present to capture your incredibly sweet wedding day!

You can see Lindsay & Mitch’s engagement session here!

Bride and Bridesmaids makeup by Sen Studios
Wedding Dress from Bridal Debut
Outdoor Ceremony held at Lions Gardens

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