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Sulphur Skyline Engagement Pictures

Jeff and Nicole’s Sulphur Skyline engagement pictures gave us an amazing backdrop for an epic photo shoot at the top of a mountain in Jasper Alberta. Beautiful boulders and a grassy plateau awaited us at the summit. From there we could gaze out onto the towering Miette mountain range to the south of us and the winding Fiddle River below.

Jeff and Nicole are definitely a one in a million couple. Wanting to show off their athleticism and to have a truly unique engagement session they agreed to hike up the side of a mountain for their Sulphur Skyline mountain engagement pictures. It was our second time hiking the Sulphur Skyline trail. This time took us a little longer than the first – mostly because we had to carry up all our gear!

Jasper National Park boasts some pretty amazing viewpoints, and the Sulphur Skyline is one of our favourites. It is a steady climb up to the summit but once you overcome the last gruelling kilometer of boulders and shale rock the view is absolutely breathtaking. We explored the rocky summit as Jeff gently led Nicole over the rocks, holding her hand and keeping her close. It was a beautiful hike that took us to the top the world to show off some pretty epic love.

Adventure engagement sessions are a unique opportunity to have your photos taken in breathtaking surroundings and for us to stretch our creative muscles. We love the chance to get out and enjoy all of the beautiful scenery that this country has to offer. In Edmonton, we are lucky enough to have easy access to the rocky mountains.

We first met Jeff and Nicole as a couple back in December when Jeff contacted us about wanting to have proposal photos taken when he asked Nicole to marry him.  You can check out their proposal here!

We so happy to have met this adventurous couple and can’t wait for their wedding in Edmonton!

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