Bride leads groom through wheat field at sunset
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Country Wedding Photography

Alannah and Roland are high school sweethearts and two of the nicest down to earth people we have ever met! This beautiful country wedding was held at the bride’s family acreage. It was a day full of rustic charm and crafty DIY. We fell in love with this couple over their country wedding photography.

Country weddings are very special to us. We were both raised in small towns and have attended a lot of country weddings over the years. Their is something special about the country charm that brings us right back to our Alberta-roots.

This intimate wedding ceremony was a true reflection of this sweet couple. Guests were invited to the family farm for an elegant outdoor country wedding ceremony. A Scottish Bagpiper led the wedding procession as bride and groom made their way down the grassy aisle to meet as husband and wife.

Alannah and Roland chose to write their own heartfelt vows. Their sweet words left their guests and photographers teary-eyed. As high school sweethearts, these two had a lot of history together. Growing up in love meant that they knew how to work hard to make their love last, and one look at the two of them and you could see it plain as day.

The reception was held in the most beautiful barn we have ever seen!  It was constructed for this very special occasion by the bride’s father. To finish the night the bride and groom trotted out to the field for a traditional game of football with their family and friends.

Thank you for trusting Deep Blue Photography for your country wedding photography.

Alannah and her bridemaid with the wedding dress
It is time for the dress…
Bridesmaids help Alannah into her dress
The finishing touches
Groom has his flower pinned on by his mother
The sweetest moment for any mother…
Alannah and her bridesmaids walking in
Ladies coming into the ceremony
Alannah and her father at the ceremony
One last moment with dad…
Photo of the groom seeing the bride for the first time
Roland’s first look at Alannah as she walked down the aisle
Country Wedding Photography
Beautiful outdoor ceremony!
Roland and the groomsmen goofing off
OMG! Look at that ring!!
Alannah and Roland walk down train tracks
Country wedding portraits on the train tracks
Romantic wedding portrait on train tracks
Beautiful portraits on a beautiful sunny afternoon!
Alannah and Roland's first dance
Sharing their first dance as husband and wife
Country Wedding Photography rustic barn reception
Country wedding reception in a beautiful barn
Alannah playing football in her wedding dress
…because football is a tradition at all family events!
Bride and groom sunset portraits
We stole Alannah and Roland away for some sunset shots
Bride leads groom through wheat field at sunset
“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen. ” – Winnie the Pooh
Bride and groom night time portraits
Last shot of the night…


In June 2013 we met Alannah & Roland at their favourite spot in Jasper – Medicine Lake. You can check out the engagement photos from this session, here.

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