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Lebanese Wedding Edmonton

This Lebanese wedding Edmonton was an elegant affair full of gorgeous details!

Danielle & Faisal first contacted us in February 2013, they were getting married in September and were looking for a unique and fun wedding photography experience. We hit it off right away and were quickly planning the fun an creative shots that Danielle and Faisal were looking for – for both their engagement and wedding portraits.

There was so much excitement in the air as we arrived to capture the ladies and gentlemen getting ready, each family group got themselves ready in a different location. It was tradition for the gentlemen and his family to journey to the Bride’s family home to celebrate – and that is just what they did!

It was around 10am when the first family and friends started to arrive and an excited (and just a little bit nervous) Danielle put on her wedding dress. She looked stunning (as always), but today she had that special glow reserved only for brides. By 11am the house was full of family and friends, nearly 100 of them, anxious and excited for the Faisal and his family’s arrival!

Faisal loves a lot of things, but at the top of his list you will find Danielle (awww) and his cherry red Camaro. So it was a fitting entrance when Faisal roared up to the house (to get his bride!) in his Camaro. He never looked happier! There was singing and dancing as Faisal entered the grand front entrance of the his bride’s home, from here he watched Danielle’s two brothers escort her down the staircase and into the arms of her groom.

There is so much love in this family – you can see it and you can feel it!

Thank you for inviting Deep Blue Photography to capture your Lebanese wedding Edmonton.

Danielle's Custom Shoes and Bouquet Lebanese Wedding Edmonton

Bride's Shoes Say I Do From A Lebanese Wedding Edmonton

Lebanese Wedding Edmonton Photo of Ladies Getting Bride into Dress

Danielle Plays With her Ring

Portrait of Bride Waiting for Groom

Pinning Flowers On The Gentlemen

Photo of Groom with Mother Pinning Flower

Photo of Groom with Father

Photo of Groom Entering Bride's House

Bridal Portrait on Balcony

Detail Photo of Food and Flowers

Bridal Portrait with Bouquet

Romantic Wedding Portrait of Danielle and Faisal From Their Lebanese Wedding Edmonton

River Valley Wedding Portrait of Danielle and Faisal

Danielle and Faisal in the Camero

Danielle and Faisal made the most of their wedding day. They took the time to schedule in a quiet moment for them to connect as a couple and enjoy the day.

To make sure that you have an amazing wedding photography experience, we have put together some tips for you!

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