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Country Wedding In Wetaskiwin

Hannah and Jocelyn’s country wedding in Wetaskiwin was held on their beautifully landscaped family farm. It was an elegant country wedding with a whole lot of charm.

It was a beautifully warm August morning when we arrived at Hannah’s family farm southwest of Wetaskiwin. The ladies were busy getting ready in the house, while the gentlemen were just across the yard in the barn (which was actually renovated to be a home).

The family worked non-stop all summer in order to prepare the yard and the house to host the Hannah and Jocelyn’s wedding ceremony.

The intimate ceremony was set against a reed filled pond and a bright Alberta sky. It was the perfect setting for a country wedding in Wetaskiwin.

Hannah and Jocelyn wrote their own vows to each other – which included sharing a few tears, sweet smiles and the occasional outburst of laughter. Two very proud sets of parents looked on as they watched their children plant and water a small tree, as a symbol of their love let to grow.

We love it when couples include a unity ceremony in their wedding. There are many symbols of love and metaphors for growth and support. The tree ties the idea of unity in with Hannah and Jocelyn’s deep connection with nature.

The wedding reception was held in a community hall not too far from Wetaskiwin. The reception was softly lit by hundreds of twinkling lights and candles. It was a rustic and romantic wedding reception.

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Hannah's Red Themed Wedding

Hannah's Wedding Gown Hanging in Loft

Bride Getting Into Wedding Dress

Photo of Groom Getting Ready

Photo of the Bride Walking Down the Aisle At A Country Wedding In Wetaskiwin

Photo of Hannah and Jocelyn At Their Country Wedding In Wetaskiwin

Photograph of Wedding Couple

Jocelyn Reciting His Vows

Tree Planing Unity Ceremony At A Country Wedding In Wetaskiwin

Hannah and Jocelyn Walking Up Aisle

Late Summer Wedding Portraits At A Country Wedding In Wetaskiwin

Wedding Party Pictures At A Country Wedding In Wetaskiwin

Hannah and Jocelyn Outdoor Portraits

Reception Pictures From A Country Wedding In Wetaskiwin

Bride and Groom Share a Kiss

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