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Costa Rica Destination Wedding – Riu Guanacaste

Central America is an incredibly beautiful and fascinating area of the world and we were thrilled to travel with Brittney and Kyle to photograph their Costa Rica destination wedding.

The weeklong wedding celebration was held at the beautiful Riu Guanacaste resort located in a beautiful bay ringed by mountains. The resort rose from the beach like a grand castle nestled between the palm trees and was surrounded by a low mountain range and stunning black sand beaches.

A few days before the wedding the parents of the bride arranged a Catamaran tour for all of the wedding guests. Brittney and Kyle had the opportunity to relax with their guests, spend the day in the sun and watch the sunset over the ocean.

Brittney and Kyle’s wedding ceremony took place the second last day of the trip. This was a nice touch because by the time the wedding day arrived all of the guests felt like old friends. This date also held a special significance for the couple; it was the anniversary of their first date. February 5th is a date that will forever be celebrated as one of beginnings. Taking advantage of the beautiful black sand beaches and breathtaking sunset, Brittney and Kyle exchanged their vows in front of family and friends. Their beach wedding ceremony was short and sweet and full of many happy tears (especially the father of the bride).

To celebrate their union Brittney and Kyle hosted a champagne reception on the beach following the ceremony. This was the perfect time to gather family and friends together for a group photo on the beach. As the sun drifted slowly towards the horizon guests headed off the beach and back to their rooms to get ready for dinner and the outdoor garden reception.

The light was perfect and golden as we set off down the beach for Brittney and Kyle’s wedding portraits. The combination of beautiful sunset colours and crashing waves made for epic beach wedding photos. Walking back up the beach we were rejoined by the energetic wedding party for a few last crazy fun photos before heading to the reception dinner at the resort restaurant. Following the dinner guests were invited to an elegant garden reception to dance and drink the night away.

As guests made their way from dinner to the reception, Kyle and his groomsmen had another plan. They wanted to have a bit of crazy fun and they needed full photo documentation. Stripping down to their tux-speedos the groom and his groomsmen lined up for an awesome hand-holding (bromantic) cannon ball into the pool.

Once all of the guests arrived at the garden reception and a few speeches were given, it was time to cut the cake and start the party. The party lasted until closing time when guests were asked to move to the lobby bar to continue the party. As guest made their way to the after party we stole Brittney and Kyle away for a few moments to capture a few photos of the newlyweds under the starry skies. There were no lights on the beach which meant that the stars were especially bright, showing glimpses of the Milky Way against the inky purple skies.

Thank you to Brittney and Kyle for inviting Deep Blue Photography to be part of your Costa Rica destination wedding adventure!

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