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Canadian Road Trip – Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto (and New York)

We love Canada. We also love road trips. Our adventures took us from Edmonton to Winnipeg, to Sault Ste Marie, Toronto and New York. The further east we drove the more leafy autumn beauty we found. We love a great Canadian road trip!

As we made our way across the country we stumbled upon some pretty amazing scenery. Sunsets over the empty fields in Saskatchewan and a stunning waterfall in Thunder Bay. We spent four days relaxing at a quaint cottage in Goulais River. We hiked the Robertson Cliffs trail with Bella. This short hike takes you through some of the most inspiring scenery in the Algoma region and gives you a breathtaking view of the cliffs and valley below. We felt the inspiration that the Group of Seven must have felt as they explored this stunning scenery. Too bad we left the paints at home!

A big part of our road trip was watching hockey. Sunny is a huge Edmonton Oilers fan and this trip was part of his annual “Oilers Road Trip” which began in Winnipeg with the Heritage Classic. We were fortunate enough to cheer on the Oilers in Toronto, New York (versus the NY Rangers) and in Brooklyn (versus the NY Islanders). Who knew hockey was the perfect excuse to travel?

We spent 4 days wandering and eating our way through New York. One of our favourite spots is (of course) Central Park. It was in perfect fall-form with green grass and the leaves just starting to fall. No trip to New York would be complete without visiting the top of the Empire State Building (while wearing your Oilers jersey) and a stop at Rice To Riches.

As we drove west towards Alberta we chased the sunset. The golden hour set upon the fields and we pulled over for an evening walk with Bella – the perfect way to end an epic Canadian road trip.

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