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Cass & Nick – Multi-Day Indian Wedding Edmonton

Cass and Nick’s epic three day Indian wedding began with an evening of pre-wedding festivities which brought together family and friends for a weekend of celebration. The first night included separate parties for the bride and groom – the ladies Mendhi party and the Bhatwaan ceremony for the groom.

Cass and her ladies gathered for a relaxed evening of wine and Mendhi as Cass sat patiently watching the talented Mendhi artist spend hours creating intricate designs on her hands and feet. Bridesmaids and close friends arrived in the early evening to participate in the festivities and to have their Mendhi done.

Nearly one hundred family and friends gathered at the Prakash household for the Bhatwaan ceremony for Nick. This traditional ceremony is performed to ‘cleanse’ the groom before the wedding ceremony. The cleansing is done by rubbing turmeric paste on the skin – a lot of turmeric paste. Guests gathered under two vibrantly decorated large tents to share in the singing, dancing and cleansing. As part of the preparations for Nick and Cass’ wedding, the family of the groom prepared popcorn to be used in the ceremony the following day.

Cass and Nick’s Indian Wedding Ceremony day started early in the morning as the ladies helped ready the bride for her big day. Cass is one of the most down to earth brides we have ever met, and it was this calm energy which controlled the flow of the morning as the ladies gathered to get ready. Cass had a very special visit from the family dog Chica a tiny chihuahua who had to be de-fuzzed before she was allowed to sit on Cass’ lap!

The ceremony was held at the beautiful Bhartiya Cultural Society of Alberta, where family and friends gathered to witness a vibrant Hindu wedding ceremony, which began in the parking lot where Cass’s family participated in a few Hindu traditions including bribing Nick’s driver to let Nick out of the car, and the stealing of Nick’s shoes at the entrance to the temple.

Nick and Cass were all smiles as they took their first (seven) steps together as husband and wife.  Following the ceremony, the happy couple were whisked away for an evening portrait session before returning to the groom’s family home for more traditional Hindu games.


Cass and Nick’s Indian wedding reception day was another early start for the couple, but this Sunday was nothing short of pure celebration and crazy energy. From the moment we walked into the beautiful Metterra Hotel until the midnight Taco-Bar this group was on the go!

Cass and her ladies met at the Meterra Hotel to get ready for portraits and the reception. Of course this included a delivery of Starbucks for our bride! Cass looked absolutely stunning in her heavily beaded bright teal lengha. Her ladies dressed in matching pink, orange and black saris, each with adorable matching clutches that were a gift from Cass.

At 1:00pm our groom and his handsome groomsmen, dressed in classic black suits arrived in a shining black limousine to pick up the ladies. Nick and Cass shared their first look at the hotel before taking a walk down Whyte Avenue for some candid wedding portraits. It was a beautiful spring afternoon in Edmonton as we made stops at the Highlevel Bridge, the University of Alberta and Emily Murphy Park.

We love lively wedding parties and this group had enough energy to keep the party going from portraits to the reception at the lavishly decorated Mirage Banquet Hall. The reception entertainment included performances by an Irish dance troop and a performance by Edmonton’s South Asian Arts Movement (SAAM) dancers. Even Nick’s cousins had put together a lip-synched dance performance that left the couple (and all of their guests) in stitches. Beautiful speeches were given by the wedding party and the parents of both the bride and groom – thank goodness the ladies all had their best waterproof-mascara on!

After dinner was done and the cake was cut the only left to do was to dance the night away! Thank you again Cass & Nick for inviting Deep Blue Photography to be part of your epic Indian Wedding celebration!

Indian Wedding Edmonton

For those planning an Indian wedding Edmonton has some fantastic venues that can host all your parties. The Mirage is one the premiere reception venues in Edmonton for Indian weddings. Contact us for more information about your wedding!

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