Zion Baptist Community Church Wedding – Natalie & Chris

Zion Baptist Community Church Wedding – Natalie & Chris

Zion Baptist Community Church Wedding

Natalie and Chris’ Zion Baptist Community Church wedding was a joyous celebration of family, friends and community.

Today we are finishing up Natalie & Chris’ wedding photos and we wanted to share with you a few teasers. What started off as 5 to 10 photos quickly grew to over 25 images that we tagged as ones that we wanted to share. That seemed a little excessive for a single blog post, so instead we trimmed it back to mere 21 of our favorite photographs that we feel captured Natalie and Chris’ special day.

Natalie looked absolutely stunning as she walked down the aisle with her father to meet her handsom groom Chris. Their eyes lit up when they saw each other and there was even a hit of a tear from father of the bride as he passed his daughter’s hand to Chris. It was a beautiful ceremony held at the Zion Baptist Community Church in Edmonton, and the pews were overflowing with friends and family.

The afternoon was bright and beautiful and perfect for a trip to Sherwood Park’s Festival Place for portraits of the wedding party and newly married couple. We got to work with our latest lighting system (for all of your photography-minded folks out there) it is an Elinchrom Quadra Ranger and a 100cm Octabox; it was fantastic and we are thrilled with the results!

We returned to the reception which was being held at the Edmonton Hotel and Conference Center for an evening filled with heartfelt speeches and a skit which acted out the meeting, courting and engagement of Natalie and Chris. This skit was written and performed by the clever and creative bridesmaids and it had everyone in tears of laughter. The real party got started with our bride and groom sharing their first dance; they looked like pros thanks to an impromptu practice session earlier in the afternoon.

To Natalie & Chis (and your families), thank you for inviting us to be part of your wedding day and for being such a fun, relaxed and well organized couple. Everyone was so wonderful to work with and you helped us get some really great shots, thank you!

If you would like to check out Natalie & Chris’ engagement photos, please click here!

We hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment and share your stories from Natalie & Chris’ Wedding!

Thank you for inviting Deep Blue Photography to capture this gorgeous Zion Baptist Community Church wedding!

Chris and the Boys at the Barber

Chris and his groomsmen went for a real straight-razor shave as part of their morning before the wedding!

Groom Getting a Straight Razor Shave

This is Chris’ “Before” and “After” shot! These guys do a great job!

Chris Gets a Haircut

Grooms need some pre-wedding care too! Thanks to the staff at Barber- Ha for taking care of these guys, they clean up nice!

Natalie and her Bridesmaids Getting Ready

Our girls pause for a quick photo op as they busily get ready the morning of the wedding!

Natalie's Mother Does Up The Wedding Dress

It takes a mother’s touch…

Zion Baptist Community Church wedding

Her faithful bridesmaids keep Natalie calm, cool and collected as she reads a note from her groom before the ceremony.

Natalie Checking her Veil in the Mirror

She looked absolutely gorgeous!

Chris Gets His Boutonniere Pinned On

Chis is always smiling, that is what makes this expression so priceless!

Zion Baptist Community Church wedding

Our groom enters the church (see, there is that smile!) and the ceremony begins!

Father Walks Daughter Down The Aisle At Zion Baptist Community Church Wedding

Every father’s dream for his daughter – to marry the person of her dreams…

Natalie and Her Parents

Zion Baptist Community Church wedding ceremony

Zion Baptist Community Church Wedding Photos

One of our favorite photos, this is Chris’ first look at Natalie

Zion Baptist Community Church Wedding Ceremony Pictures

It was a beautiful ceremony!

Festival Place Wedding Party Group Photo

The wedding party gathered on the bridge at Festival Place for some fun group photos!

Zion Baptist Community Church wedding

A gorgeous day for our gorgeous couple!

Fun Photo of Couple with Wedding Rings

Rings, Bouquet and a Kiss…perfect!

Natalie and Chris laughing at the reception

Natalie and Chris had a blast at their reception!

Natalie and Chris Cut Their Cake

Cake? No thanks…lets do a giant cinnamon bun!!

Natalie and Chris First Dance

Their first dance as husband and wife…

Groom and Bride sharing First Dance

It was a wonderful day and we are blessed to have been part of it. Congratulations to you both as you begin your life together.

Natalie and Chris' Wedding Rings

The rings!



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