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La Cite Francophone Wedding

From our first meeting with Kelly and Sean we knew they were going to be an amazing couple to work with. We all share an intense love for our adopted fur-babies, good beer and adventure. Their La Cite Francophone wedding was a beautiful, crazy party.

It has long been Sunny’s dream to take a wing suit (commonly referred to as a “flying squirrel suit”) for an epic flight somewhere awesome. This topic came up when we met with Kelly & Sean a few weeks prior to their wedding to go over all the details for their day. While discussing the pros and cons of the flying squirrel suit, it dawned on us how awesome both interpretations of “squirrel suit” are: the wing-gliding apparatus Sunny wants, and an actual squirrel-suit costume. If you have no idea what we are talking about, continue reading and check out the pictures at the end of the blog ūüôā

One afternoon while driving around Edmonton Kelly and Sean stumbled upon a cute little cafe in Edmonton’s French Quarter at¬†La Cite Francophone.¬†They sat down for lunch and (in their words) the poutine blew their minds. When it came time to choose a wedding venue they knew right away that they wanted to have a La Cite Francophone wedding, and they also knew they wanted poutine served.

It was important to Kelly and Sean that their guests be fully present for their wedding ceremony. They took a proactive approach and created a handout for their guests which explained what it meant to have an unplugged wedding.  They explained that they have hired professional photographers to capture their wedding day and wanted their guests to enjoy the ceremony Рand not from behind a camera/iPhone/iPad etc.

Kelly and Sean’s intimate outdoor wedding ceremony was held on the beautiful circular terrace La Cite Francophone. As guests arrived and took their seats the bride and groom anxiously awaited their first look at each other. When the music was cued Sean stepped to the end of the aisle where he caught his first glimpse of Kelly. As their eyes met all nervousness and shaky tears suddenly erupted into giggles and (in Kelly’s words) a real, ugly cry-laugh. By the time Kelly and Sean met they were both laughing and smiling and ready to rock their wedding ceremony. Forgoing a somber ceremony this couple opted for a light-hearted take with sweet vows and a few posed photo ops to keep themselves and their guests entertained.

After a delicious dinner catered by Cafe Bicyclette, a few touching speeches, and a soccer inspired kissing game, Kelly and Sean got the party started with some dancing. As the hour grew late Kelly and Sean got their wish Рa midnight lunch of poutine.

Thank you for inviting Deep Blue Photography to be there to capture your wedding day – and for allowing Sunny to crash your wedding dance dressed up in a squirrel suit (nuts and all!)


*In the fall of 2014, Kelly and Sean joined us in Jasper for an adventurous mountain engagement session Рwhich you can see here.*

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La Cite Francophone Wedding - Mother and groom

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