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Edmonton In Home Engagement Photos

Johnathan and Andrea are beautiful souls and their Edmonton in home engagement photos were a great opportunity for us to get to know these two amazing people.

These two lovebirds fell in love (literally) to the sound of violins. Both Johnathan and Andrea have a passion for music and as part of their unique in home engagement session they wanted to share that love with us. We have to say, this engagement session had the most stunning soundtrack we have ever heard. Together Johnathan and Andrea played their version of Pachelbel’s Canon which brought tears to our eyes, not only because the music was so moving, but watching two musicians connect through music is incredibly powerful.

Photography is about capturing moments, emotions and connections. Johnathan and Andrea have an easy, sweet way about them which makes their connection very easy to see. These two share so much together, a deep connection to music, spirituality and learning. One of their favourite past times is reading Greek literature and expanding their knowledge of their faith together.

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Edmonton in home engagement photos are a great idea if you have a passion (like music) that you want to share as part of your session. A lot of planning goes into an indoor portrait session, but as your photographers we will work with you to find the perfect location to capture what is most special to you.

Thank you for inviting Deep Blue Photography to capture your beautiful Edmonton in home engagement photos!

If you are planning for your engagement photos, please check out our guide! Its 100% free and may help you with some questions you had leading into your engagement photos. Couples often tell us that their engagement photos are the first time they have had professional photos take. We want couples to enjoy their sessions. It should not be stressful. They should not be nervous. Preparation is key!

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