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Edmonton Extended Family Photos

Family portraits are important. They are what tie us together and they are what we look back on as we get older (and wiser). They are a part of our history and part of our family. We had a wonderful time getting to know this amazing family during their Edmonton extended family photos.

Seiji and Lisa contacted us with a very special family photo request. They wanted to have an extended family portrait session and include Seiji’s parents. We absolutely fell in love with this idea and this family. The kids were an absolute hoot to photograph – doing exactly what they should, goofing off, giggling and having a great time just hanging out. For all the fun that they had, we can honestly say that we have never met such a nice pair of young men. They made their parents and grandparents very proud.

We know that families come in all shapes and sizes. Family portraits are more than just capturing a moment in time, it is an opportunity to reflect on what is most important in our lives, the people around us who love and support us through all that life throws our way.

We love casual family portraits, when everyone can come together and just be themselves. Our job to to help families relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. The more comfortable you are, the more you can let loose and have fun. Your family photos are about you and your family sharing an awesome afternoon together. We are all about capturing those sweet, joyous moments between you. So give your kids a big hug, smile your biggest, goofiest grin and leave the rest up to us!

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Thank you for inviting Deep Blue Photography to capture your adorable Edmonton extended family photos.

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