Bachelor Party Ideas That Don’t Require Travel

/ Bachelor Party Ideas That Don’t Require Travel

Bachelor Party Ideas That Don’t Require Travel


Are you looking for bachelor party ideas that don’t require a lot of travel?  We have 25 suggestions that may entice you! Who says you need to take an expensive trip in order to have the bachelor party you’ve always dreamed of? Or that bachelor parties need to be all about strippers and tons of liquor? Let’s just say your budget is lean, or you simply want to do something different!

Have no worries. There are many ways to have fun with your friends which don’t even require you to travel. And if you don’t want to give up the stripper + booze concept, that’s fine, but at least consider mixing it up with some of the following 25 bachelor party ideas.


  1. A game of poker. This is the ideal bachelor party on a budget. Grab some steaks, enough beer for everyone, and set a low buy-in (say $20). If the budget isn’t an issue, gather your gang and go to a casino. You can dress up in tuxedos, hire a limo, and enjoy the best champagne. For those who prefer to keep things more private, you can always hire a service to host a casino night in the comfort of your man cave.


  1. Cards against humanity. This is a popular R-rated game where players complete fill-in-the-blank statements printed on cards with phrases or words typically considered offensive or politically incorrect. Now imagine playing this game in combination with unlimited amounts of booze. Epic!

bachelor party idea #2 - Card against humanity

  1. Hunting. This activity is great for both experienced hunters and for inexperienced ones. Guys, guns, and beer, a perfect combo to get an adrenaline rush.

bachelor party idea #6 - hunting

  1. Fishing. If killing innocent animals is a little too much for you, this is a lighter alternative. Unless you’re one of those people that find fishing absolutely boring. You know, staring at the water for hours at an end. You either love it or hate it, there’s no in between. But if you love it, you’re going to have a blast.


  1. Camping. Planning a wedding is usually hectic and stressful. So, if you’re looking to get away from all that madness, camping is the best choice. Clean air, starry sky, warm campfire and NO PHONES. Perfection!


  1. Saturday night out with a twist. For those that don’t want to invest themselves in planning and organizing something spectacular, the good old bar crawl is a great idea. But since this is the groom’s big night, make it special by crawling breweries and tasting beer. If money isn’t an issue, make the experience way classier by arranging whiskey tasting at a whiskey bar.


  1. Cocktail night. If you’re looking for something more unique but still connected to booze, think cocktails. You can either go to a cocktail bar and sample on their wide selection or they can come to you. Hire a pro mixologist for your party and go wild!

picture of shot ski at a wedding

  1. Become cowboys. Did you know that the life of the 1800s West is available to adventuresome travellers? No, this isn’t Westworld but it’s still fun. Ranches, cattle driving, rodeos, bull riding, you can have it all.


  1. Video games. Some (nerdy) gangs enjoy killing each other in the virtual world. Then, how about a whole weekend of Madden, Call of Duty, or Grand Theft Auto?


  1. Paintball or laser tag. Other gangs prefer to kill each other in the real world. Paintball and laser tag are the most fun way to do it. While drunk.


  1. Beach house party. There are three preconditions to pull this off: a) the wedding is in summer, b) you’re in proximity to water (ocean, lake, or even river, so long as there’s a beach) and c) there are enough guys to split the expense (and fill the house, of course). You’ll spend the day at the beach and have a high-school-type house party at night. Many of you will probably pass out at some point but the wedding won’t be scheduled the day after. Right?

groomsmen in matching speedos

  1. Sailing. Rent a sailboat, a yacht, or a pontoon boat and get away for the day. If you have the time and money, book a cruise and spend the whole weekend enjoying unlimited food, drinks, and various activities.


  1. Surfing. Disconnect from the real world and enjoy some thrill on the waves. Note: Surfing lessons can cost from $25 to $100. After you’re done, keep on partying in that beach house we mentioned before or in the nearby bar.


  1. Beach sports. More active gangs can enjoy competitive games on the sand like volleyball or football. Or simply toss a frisbee around. Anything works as long as you’re in the sun. Don’t forget to get enough refreshments, as well as a pair of speakers with the groom’s favourite playlist.

bachelor party ideas head to the beach for fun

  1. Skiing. If it’s winter and there’s a ski center nearby, pack up your skiing equipment. Mix and match running on the slopes with drinking in the lodge by the fireplace.


  1. Whitewater rafting. Active gangs will enjoy organized & guided rafting tours. Many of them are located close to great accommodation options, party scenes, restaurants, and breweries or wineries. Do you need to be sober to do this? Not necessarily.


  1. Go to a cigar bar. Because if not on a bachelor night, when will you be able to afford expensive cigars and feel like royalty?

groom smoking a cigar bachelor party ideas

  1. Sports day out. Is your favourite team playing? Now is the time to splurge on those box seats you usually can’t afford.


  1. Thrill-inducing activities. Skydiving can be a costly experience (a few hundred bucks for a single jump), but your friend’s last party as a free man is the best time to try it. Besides skydiving, other activities that will speed up the heart rate at a lower price are bungee jumping, jet skiing, or theme parks.


  1. Crazy rides. Are you into motoring activities? Then you have a wide choice: dirt bikes, off-road racing, performance driving, rally driving, tank rides, drag racing, muscle car driving, dune buggies, stunt rides, F1 racing, drifting, ATVs. Push the throttle up!


  1. Cooking. OK, this may sound strange to many but it’s actually a lot of fun. Just imagine a bunch of guys in the kitchen, preparing their favourite food. Tons of it. And booze.


  1. Eating out. Not into cooking but still fancy a good bite? Book a table at the groom’s favourite restaurant. Or, even better, book a table at the town’s most expensive place (just make sure it serves a cuisine the groom likes).

funny cake cutting picture

  1. Golfing. Some guys like sports, so here are a few ideas for them. Golfing is an ideal option because it’ll suit everyone in the gang – it’s active without being too intense and doesn’t require the physique of a professional athlete. It’s out in nature and can be played even with booze involved.


  1. Soccer. For this pleasure, you might have to plan a few months ahead because soccer fields (especially indoor ones) are usually booked up to six months out. Plus, they cost from $500 a day but it’s a small price to pay for true soccer enthusiasts.


  1. Bowling. Make the good old group fun special by getting custom bowling shirts for the occasion. Also, prepare a prize for the highest scoring player, say a bottle of your favorite liquor with a customized label. Oh, and let the groom win if possible. It’s his night after all.



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