Edmonton Family Photography – Rocky, Monica & The Kids

Edmonton Family Photography

Picture Of Edmonton Family Photography By Deep Blue Photography

This was our first family photography session with Monica, Rocky and their three adorable children. In Edmonton family photography often means a trip to our beautiful river valley. We meet this family of five in the Whitemud Ravine for their family photos.

Rocky and Monica knew they wanted a variety of pictures together with the kids and of the kids by themselves. Monica did a great job coordinating everyone’s outfits! Matching colours, tones and styles without compromising on style.

We had a blast playing with the kids, and mom and dad were more than happy to let them have fun. We always encourage parents to let their kids make the most of family photos. Letting them run, play and make faces helps loosen them up and coaxes out those natural smiles.

Rocky and Monica’s two young boys clearly love each and spend a lot of time together. They were great at making faces, teasing each other, having a grass fight and taking care of their little sister.

Here are some of our favorite images from their family portrait session!


Picture of dad and daugther - Edmonton Family Photography by Deep Blue Photography

Rocky and his daughter having some fun.

A picture of brothers playing - Edmonton Family Photography by Sunny & Jess

These two brothers knew how to keep themselves entertained!

Brothers playing in the grass during family photos

What’s an evening in the park without a grass fight?

Boy playing in the grass

Time for some more ammunition!

Picture of young girl with dandelion

While the boys were playing, their sister had her own fun.

A picture of Dad playing with the kids during their photo session - Edmonton Family Photography

Dad playing with the kids!

Picture of mom holding her son during their Edmonton family photography session

A mother’s embrace.

A picture of a mom holding her son during their Edmonton family photography session

Snuggles for mom.

A picture of Mom hugging her son

Both brothers get some personal time with mom.

Family picture in Edmonton's river valley

Real moments any parent would understand!

Kids playing in the grass during family photos in Edmonton

We let the kids play in the tall grasses.

A picture of children holding hands.

These two boys always take care of their younger sister.

A picture of two brothers during their Edmonton family photography session

Brotherly love!

Smiling couple during their Edmonton family photography pictures

We managed to snag mom and dad for a few pictures.

A picture of boys making faces during family photos

We like to keep things light so everyone has fun.

Mom kissing her daughter black and white

The two lovely ladies.

Family picture of dad and his sons

Dad and his boys.

Picture of mom and son during family photos in Edmonton

They grow up so fast – we love capturing those little moments.

Picture of mom and son hugging.

A few more years and he’s going to be taller than mom!

Brothers hugging each other during their family pictures

Such handsome young men!

Dad and daughter during family pictures

Daddy’s girl!

Father and son hugging

Father and son.

Father and son hugging during their Edmonton family photography session

Both boys get a picture with dad.

Smiling family during family photos

One big happy family!

Family sitting on a blanket for family photos

Its not easy getting 3 young children to sit still and smile for the camera!

Family wearing coordinating outfits for family photos

We can’t wait for your next session!


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