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Travelling Around New Zealand

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand we are super excited for you! We spent 16 days there in February of 2018 and absolutely loved it. It was not nearly enough time to see everything we wanted to see, but it was a great taster trip for us to get to know the country. Prior to us leaving, New Zealand had been having one of their hottest summers on record. However the day before we arrived it started to rain, and the first 3 days of our trip were pretty wet. After that we did get some warmth, but it never got too hot. It was mostly between 20 and 28 celsius the entire time we were there.

We thought we would share our tips, hints and experiences with anyone else who may be planning a trip to New Zealand. Hopefully this helps you with your planning!  Please free to contact us if you want to chat or learn more about our trip and experiences!

Thanks and take care!

Jess, Sunny & Travel Bella

Our 2018 Trip Day By Day

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Our 2018 Trip Day By Day

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