HelloFresh Review – Food Box Delivery Review

HelloFresh Review


During the summer we saw a friend post on Facebook about using the meal delivery service  HelloFresh.  We were intrigued because it seemed like an interesting idea that could save us time when we were really busy.  We have been using SuperStore Click N Collect (click the link to get $10 off your first order!) for over two years, but this seemed to take it to the next level.
We gave it a try and without further ado here is our HelloFresh Review!

HelloFresh isn’t just a grocery delivery service – its a meal delivery service.  Get a large cardboard freezer box delivered right to your doorstep! It is full of pre-packaged, pre-portioned meals that you choose from their website.

You can order your box by clicking this link, and you will get $40 off your first order!

We were pleasantly surprised with our HelloFresh box.  At regular price we do not believe it offers very good value, but if you can get a good discount code, the meals end up being very affordable. It is great to use during a week when you know you are going to be very busy.

The meals need to be prepped, but each meal only takes about 20-40 minutes to prep and cook. The nice thing about the meals is that you don’t have to think about them. You just follow the recipe and use all the ingredients that are included.

Overall what we found was:

A) The produce was fresh
B) The meat was fresh
C) The portions were often larger than what we normally eat at home
D) The seasonings/flavours were very good
E) The convenience is worth the discounted price
F) The selection of meals is not the best compared to the other companies we have used

We will not use HelloFresh on a regular basis, but we will use it when we can get discounted meals. The quality of the meals was excellent, and the convenience is appreciated!


HelloFresh Meal Delivery Service Review

Our HelloFresh welcome package


HelloFresh Review

Our first HelloFresh meal – we even had leftovers!

Hello Fresh Food Review

All the ingredients packaged up for us to easily use

HelloFresh Food Review

Just follow the recipe

Food Review HelloFresh

20 minutes of prep later

Food Box Delivery Review

Ready to eat!

Hello Fresh Food Box Review

We really enjoyed this recipe! We have made it ourselves recently.

Food Delivery Review

Each meal is packaged nicely like this

HelloFresh Review


HelloFresh Food Box Review

The quality of the produce was excellent

HelloFresh Meal Box Delivery Service Review

Ready to cook! About 20 minutes of prep

Food Box Delivery Review HelloFresh Meal

The finished product!

HelloFresh Food Box Delivery Review

We don’t normally eat pork, but this recipe was delicious!

HelloFresh Meal Review

Its the other white meat…

HelloFresh Company Review

Our first time using yu choy at home!

Hello Fresh Food Box Delivery Review

Golden brown!

Food Box Delivery Review Hello Fresh Meals


Food Delivery Review HelloFresh

Final product tasted really good!